The before and after photos above and the testimonial below say it all. Thank you Godfrey and Beverley.

We’ve dreamt of owning a small retreat in Greece for more years than I care to remember, but there are some terrible horror stories about Brits buying abroad and as ‘first time buyers’ we were slightly hesitant when it came to committing ourselves, especially as we found some agents painted a much rosier picture of what they were selling, just to get you on the hook.

We were fortunate to meet George and Andrea last year and we were delighted with George’s approach to selling houses. He actually listened to what we wanted and spent a good deal time taking round various properties, explaining both the advantages and pitfalls of each. He was (and is) refreshingly honest and direct.

In the end the house we chose was habitable but really needed a complete refit to bring it into the 21st century (the bathroom was particularly grim!). Notwithstanding our limited budget, George redesigned the bathroom and kitchen and the outside space. The whole house was to be rewired, re-plumbed (including solar heated water), tiled and decorated throughout and the derelict veranda was to be removed and replaced with and a larger one constructed in Swedish timber. The bare concrete terrace and driveway were to be paved in wonderful golden limestone. New windows were to be fitted (with built in mosquito screens) and a couple of internal walls were to be taken out and replaced to enlarge the bathroom and to provide a space efficient kitchen area.    

All this work was undertaken, supervised personally by George and completed to an excellent standard.  Andrea (who is an absolute star) kept us up to date with regular photographs as the work progressed and minor redesigns were discussed over the phone before being undertaken. Their communication with us was excellent throughout.

We took possession of our beautiful, new home last month and we are absolutely delighted with it.  It’s exactly what we wanted, simple with clean lines, and George’s design did exactly that. 

We can’t thank George and Andrea enough for making our dream finally come true!

Beverley and Godfrey June 2016


          Nadine 1nadine 2nadine 4Nadine 4 final  

When Nadine and Mark purchased their land and property they had a vision of what they wanted and we proceeded to make it reality.

Firstly we had in depth discussions over a period of time to enable us to fully understand their ultimate goal. We then assisted in the design of the property they dreamed of.

The old house was completely demolished in preparation for the new modern contemporary design.

Throughout the whole process we had regular contact with Nadine and Mark making minor changes along the way as desired.

Photographs were e mailed on a daily basis whilst work was in progress to ensure they were kept up to date and to have the feeling that they were watching their home being built even if from afar.


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As this property was in the location that our clients wished for, they decided to purchase and transform the house into the villa they hoped to own. Being under their budget, this gave them the flexibility to make the improvements they required.

After much discussion we set about designing the new villa so that our clients can view a 3D image of their new home before work commences. This is a free service we offer included in the package.

The property was almost demolished to create a blank canvas for the new design.

An extension was created on the ground level incorporating a ring beam to support the attic and new roof.

Concrete bases for the balcony areas were laid before the attic level was built. This level also incorporated a covered patio area so that the views could be enjoyed.

The exterior was rendered and plastered and marble window ledges were laid in preparation for the new double glazed windows and doors which were fitted throughout.

Pergolas were created as one of the final touches to the exterior.



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It is the finishing touches that make a house into a home and this is where we came in with regard to this particular property.

In the first stage we were instructed to create a patio and walkways around the whole house and also to rebuild the cesspit cover according to standards.

The second stage was to place railings on the balconies surrounding the house. These were made to measure and hand made at the ironmongers according to our client’s specifications and of the highest possible quality at the most reasonable price.

On the third stage a driveway and a boiler room were created.

The overall look of the house was transformed with these three stages.

Our clients have in mind for the future a boundary wall and a fireplace for the interior.

Client testimonial

We would like to thank Corfu Property Experts for their help and assistance with our property in Corfu. 

We have had to communicate most of our business from the UK in order to complete additional works on the house, so it was essential for us to choose a company we can trust, George & Andrea have been most helpful throughout, we would certainly recommend them.



Before the construction of a well begins, an expert needs to ascertain where the water lies below the ground. Once this is established the digging begins.

In this particular case, water was approximately five meters below ground level. 

The excavation is made deeper than the water level and the circumference wider than the concrete rings to allow for the placement of gravel.

The gravel allows the water to seep into the well in a filtered condition. It also prevents the water from going back into the ground therefore rises to a higher and more accessible level inside the concrete rings.

Once the excavation is made, concrete rings with filter holes are then inserted to meet ground level. Gravel is then placed around the rings.

The well can then be completed with decorative finishing touches according the owners taste and requirements. 

Client testimonial

What a fantastic job George and Andrea did for us when we asked them to find a property to suit us in Corfu, earlier this year.

They listened to what we wanted. They found a perfect property, quickly, which ticked all our boxes. They sorted out a reasonable price with the vendor. They arranged for a worthy solicitor and made sure that we were settled in properly when we returned to Corfu. Nothing seemed to be beyond their capabilities.

George personally supervised the work we wanted doing on the land and saw to it that everything was done to our absolute satisfaction. I want to particularly thank Ianni, who operates a JCB with the flair of a concert violinist and is also a very nice man to know.

We cannot thank Corfu Property Experts enough for the quality and effectiveness of the service they provided. I would recommend to anyone interested in property in Corfu to get in touch with C P Experts.

We felt just like you before we found them. If you want to feel just as happy and confident as we do now, we suggest that you do what we did. Speak to George and Andrea, who, by the way are charming, upright and speak English with an enviable fluency. We love our bit of paradise in the sun.

 Brian and Sarah Gray Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England.
Brian is a retired Software Engineer and is now a Classical Pianist.
Sarah is a Software Company Director.


          Jennings 1jennings 2jennings 3jennings 4

After buying their holiday home in Acharavi, there were a few improvements that Duncan, Lucy, Erin and Stuart wanted us to undertake.

It was to arrange the fitting of air conditioning units and an independent solar panel for heating the hot water, also to attach some guttering to a part of the property.

Photographs were sent by e mail to keep them up to date on the works progress.

Client testimonial

 “We cannot even begin to explain quite how happy we are with Corfu Property Experts.

 George and Andrea you have helped us to make our dream come true and we are just so pleased that we found you in particular. You have been so incredibly helpful, professional, honest and personal, and you have gone above and beyond anything we would normally expect from a property agency. Your advice was impartial and balanced and your recommendations, in terms of solicitors and contractors, have been invaluable. We can never thank you enough for that.

We would highly recommend that other property buyers come to you as their first choice.

 We are so incredibly happy with our purchase and the fantastic service we have received.”

Lucy, Duncan and Erin Jennings


          HARRISON 1HARRISON 2HARRISON 4Harrison new 4

The first contact we had with the owners of this property was when they came into our office seeking some advice and a quotation.

The exterior of their house was in need of some completing and they wanted to start with basic concrete work to create a patio, a walkway around the house and a walkway to the front door. The exterior walls were in definite need of attention too. 

We did our best as always to obtain the best price for the best quality workmanship and we were advised to proceed.

The work was undertaken and the property was given a whole new lease of life. Not only is it now pleasing to the eye but the improvements will also contribute to the propertys’ necessary maintenance. The patio and the treated walls will now contribute to protecting the property from natural elements.

To ensure customer satisfaction, attention to detail is of paramount importance to us therefore extra touches were completed where possible. For example, the spreading of topsoil around the bedding areas and the repair of some exterior plumbing work.

Client Testimonial

We approached Corfu Property Experts as we wanted some improvements made to our home.

We started with laying some concrete paths and because we were so pleased with the work we then went on to have wardrobes built and the outside of the house painted.

George and Andrea were excellent in co-ordinating the work and making sure we were kept up to date at each stage with photographs and emails.

The workmen arrived on the day we were told, were finished when expected, left everywhere clean and tidy and did a thoroughly professional job at a reasonable price. Corfu Property Experts will be our first port of call for any future work we need

John and Juanita